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Why are you single?

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コーリー commented on Why are you single?
Jun 29, 15 at 9:06pm
This account has been suspended.
BYE BYE commented on Why are you single?
Jun 29, 15 at 9:12pm

not all women are picky and gold diggers -.-

Xylvr commented on Why are you single?
Jun 29, 15 at 9:13pm
This account has been suspended.
コーリー commented on Why are you single?
Jun 29, 15 at 9:17pm
This account has been suspended.
Jun 29, 15 at 9:24pm

Because I haven't found any Sukeban or Bokozoku girls.

Jun 29, 15 at 9:25pm

cause im a baka XD that and i sort of become obsessive idk whenever i like someone that much i cant help but just want to speak to them every moment no matter what, and want to be the only one they think about and look at :/ guess its too much for some so im single yet again :3 but it doesnt matter really

PhantomEin commented on Why are you single?
Jun 29, 15 at 9:26pm

Because a big chunk of the male speciment just want a FWB deal...also I'm a bigger otaku/gamer than most guys I know lol

hippied commented on Why are you single?
Jun 29, 15 at 9:43pm

because women find me weird and creepy and don't gimme a chance. worst case, i'm just the "friend,"and people wonder why i'm cranky

Ty Ty commented on Why are you single?
Ty Ty
Jun 29, 15 at 9:45pm

I honestly think because most people judge me to be someone i'm not or just like me for a wrong reason and it really bothers me most the time it's to be brought up right on thee spot so.. possibly karma also could be a probs but also there's alot of people with minds alike so just because you like someone don't think there's like 100 other people who also like them i'm sure that's a somewhat positive way to think of it atleast

Jun 29, 15 at 10:01pm

i am very picky on who i want to be with. my family have a bag history of not staying with one lover. i know lots of family go through it but literally. my mom, aunts, sister, cousins, they all dont stay with one lover. i dont want to be that next person. I want to find the right mate and stay with him till death do us part. i know every relationship have fights and problems but i dont want to be the one to like break up over something that can be easily fixed or because i didnt get my way. not only that i got cheated on when i was loyal to him and waited for him. so im also kinda scared of love but i do want someone in my life that can heal my heart. someone that i know i can trust and someone who can trust me. im not skinny like many girls either so finding someone is hard not only that i want to date someone out of my race but it's hard to fine a guy who wants to date a black girl and accept me for who i am. I met guys who still checked me out but i know it's all sexual. ah sorry i was ranting again..forgive me haha

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