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Why are you single?

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Dec 04, 17 at 5:18pm

My first experience was a year and a half ago, he was severely depressed and leaned on me/controlled where I was from the very first moment. I put up with him for three weeks, felt guilty after breaking up (he became suicidal and self harming, even sent pictures of the cuts to me) so kept on talking. 6 months later I stepped to the social worker at school and talked about his situation. I was 16 an naive enough to think I could help, even if a little. He dropped me like I wasn't worth anything three months later.

That said, I thought being single was fine. i'm still young after all (turned 18 yesterday), now I'm in college all the older people around me have these relationships and even though I don't have any experience I begin to miss something. Truth to be told that's why I'm here, but there are few people from the Netherlands.

I'm average looking and while I like a clean look, I love comfort so I'm not that fashionable (in progress). I don't wear dresses or skirts except for special occasions but that's who I am. Also wear little to no make-up because I get acne from foundation and touch all the spots with makeup on my face during the day so it smudges. I won't change my ways for a guy. I like anime, harry potter and kpop (not as much of a fangirl but it became my music genre). I'm more of a listener at first but loosen up quickly if we match. My problem is I'm afraid of the first move (Is he/she too handsome? Will I be rejected? Do we match?) I'm afraid for failure on that part.

Hope you understand my answer!

Vyse_Jakkya commented on Why are you single?
Dec 06, 17 at 1:24pm

I'm just not social enough, every time I join one of these sites I always wait for someone to contact me and then when I do finally post something I feel like it just gets lost in all the posts so I give up. Hoping this site works because everyone here is an otaku and we all have something in common.


Simple, I hate people. And no one is good enough for me. No joke!
And for this site, its not really a dating site. You have like 1 female for 300 males, so good luck with that. xD Hey but Im no really alone, I always have them bots that trying to steal my skype info. We have love/hate relationship.

Dec 06, 17 at 5:26pm

i live in another world were everything sucks so i dont even think about relationships

im not sure

Dec 10, 17 at 11:01am

Well I guess the short answer is I chose to be. I live in a smallish town. I want to date someone with goals who try to better themselves or at least had goals. I try to meet people at cons but it takes a while for me to open up with people I am first meeting. There are times where I try to date and maybe if I am lucky I get one date and then the guy ghosts me.... I feel like I can't get a break so to speak.

As I get older I am worried I am never going to meet anyone or might just have to settle. I would like a relationship but... not for lack of trying sometimes.

Dec 10, 17 at 2:51pm

Basically, I never bothered to try getting a girlfriend until I was about 17. I'm also too timid to approach someone and introduce myself, hence why I have tried various dating websites instead of just meeting girls IRL.

Dec 10, 17 at 3:16pm

Because no man can stand me; opinionated, brash, rude, selfish.

alucardfh commented on Why are you single?
Dec 11, 17 at 1:18pm
This account has been suspended.
Dec 14, 17 at 8:36pm

Because I seem to have bad luck with women. I either end up getting cheated on, or they expect too much from me and refuse to make an effort in exchange for my effort. I also seem to keep running into people who have too different of a personality from mine, resulting in awkward conversations.

Dec 27, 17 at 12:41am

Im single because my bar is set pretty high

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