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Stock market addiction

Jan 21, 22 at 7:26pm
@gabriel_true You really made money in the last quarter? Whoever is managing your 401k must be playing with put options. Cybersecurity, delivery stocks, website development, they've all gotten absolutely railroaded the last 3 months. On my watchlist I only have 4 stocks that show green year to date: Tesla, NVDA, AMD, and BAX. If you are not in those you are likely getting very boned right now.
Jan 21, 22 at 7:38pm
@gabriel_true Ah, that's as of December. Market has taken quite a hot dump in January. If you are heavy in large caps you might still be breakeven after the big netflix crash.
It's a pretty sizable bear market already once you're out of the top 10 names like MSFT. The top 10 stocks move the market just as much as the bottom 91% of stocks do. I don't care; I'm in my plays, I like my plays, I'm not a seller.
@arc Well, it is true after taking a peek that yes most of the shares are down. That said I am staying invested in what I have because now the shares are cheaper to buy. So when it comes back around I'll have a better deal!
Jan 22, 22 at 9:20am
I've started buying back a few stocks but man, it's not looking good
Feb 07, 22 at 3:56pm
Unlike crypto, one of thing that sucks about stocks is that you can't trade them 24/7. The people who are in charge of that shit. Bunch of lazy fucks if you ask me. Wouldn't it be nice while you were laying on your bed at 12 midnight. You could scratch yo nuts and live trade at the same time
i actually prefer stocks, becuz they are more easily predictable, unlike crypto. i actually like the waiting time. gives you time to acess things.
Feb 08, 22 at 3:54pm
More easily predictable. Yeah, mostly agree. There are different ways to view predictability. In terms of volatility. Stocks have lower volatility than crypto. Lower volatility means lower deviations from the mean. In that sense. Stocks are more predictable. Though both stocks and crypto follow random Brownian motion. In that sense. Both are not very predictable. As for the waiting time. That’s more of a personal preference. I presume you mean by “access things.” You mean access to information on the company that you want to trade. I completely disagree on the waiting time. Once you’ve done researching and formed your opinion. It would be nice to then immediately trade or not trade based off the information that you researched. What if you read some important information off hours and you really want to trade? But you can’t trade until the market opens. I don't like that.
Feb 12, 22 at 2:34pm
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