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What is it like dating you?


So ur like old unwanted pc parts that nobody wants? Lol @ Lol


No i'm a intel cpu, Not the best but very reliable. But people want the best Amd cpu but risk it with the reliablity a bit. @whodatbe123


Intel CPU's have hardware security vulnerabilities, which them a high security risk. No amount of software updates can fix that problem. As it is a hardware problem embebed into the silicon. Only a new hardware chip design can fix that problem ROFL. If you're an intel CPU @kesper0, then I wouldn't trust ya at all! Your hardware vulnerabilities will divulge all my secrets for the world to see! @Kesper0


@whodatbe123 Thats true, but you need to get a virus on your pc for that to happen in the first place.
Wouldn't you think they can get your passwords then anyway.

I was more so speaking about speed of the chips not so much the security.


Insert yo intel CPU into my socket then, no homo


I'm just waiting for something based off of IBM's Z-architecture to be available for home use. Those things have a scary amount of power to them.


Very difficult. There would always be a family member disliking who I would relate and date with. I even dislike opinions of family members whether positive or negative.


Eh it's okay I guess. I'm probably nothing special seeing as I always end up single again anyway. Tho I guess I'm also not the worst out there since I can somehow still land girlfriends here and there.


its great try it out sometime

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