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Things you don't understand.


I'm stealing control of this thread since I was just going to make the same one anyway. Saves space and it's good to recycle!

What I don't understand is why when you think of something obscure or random, it suddenly appears everywhere you go.

Like I thought of an old actor recently from a movie no one talks about and BAM!

Now I run into people talking about them and even start seeing merchandise that wasn't around till about the same time I thought of it.


Gab, are you becoming the Borg?


I read about this somewhere. It’s simply things that you are or have been aware about recently of something you had in your mind and because of that it is easier to filter things related to that and be more attentive with those things specifically


Butterfly effect; once you've imagined something, the mere act of thinking of it causes a shockwave throughout local realspace wherein others receive similar imitations of the idea.

Like an unconscious network databurst; with the internet, this ends up looping on itself a few times more.

...Now how does one utilize this consciously?

Sep 04, 21 at 10:11pm

Why is it that when I grow out my hair I constantly find numerous strands falling out, but I never get balder?

I comb after every shower and the amount of hair in my brush and drain could make a wig.

Still I never run short on hair!

What is this sorcery?


Mainstream and social norms. People usually just go with the mainstream. The mainstream is boring to me.


I just can't understand those people who can't accept that fictional characters should be allowed to grow up and mature the same way that real people grow up and mature. Just because a particular character was first drawn as an adolescent minor by the original canon artist doesn't mean that the character can't be redrawn and reimagined as a mature adult in a lewd form. We are not "sexualizing minors", we are not "delusionally hiding behind a legality", we are simply allowing our favourite characters to grow up together with us and become our soulmates. And there's nothing wrong with that.
Take a chill pill and GTFO, or be a fool and waste your life crying me a river.


Why do girls love tall guys so much I mean I get why girls with super tall giants have neck problem later in life poor girls but why the tall requirement on so many of these girls profile like must be 6 foot three or 7 feet tall or I'll swipe bad on you. Like is being tall such a turn on or is it more like a protective instinct within their DNA hmmmmmm..... so many girls miss decent guys just base on how super duper tall they have to be in them.


It's because they've probably gotten drunk on the idea of having a giant, Hulk-esque or some superhero-look-a-like in their presence to use as a meatwall or as 'security' against whatever seems to threaten them enough to NEED a tall male.

Personally I could imagine why they'd want that but they'll probably get frustrated at not being able to reach up to them when they need or want to, and will find themselves viewed as children or the likes by the tall guy in some cases.

Otherwise it must be some absurd myth about tall men being somehow 'better', or inversely they want to have tall children?

Personally I'd rather my partner be not only taller, but larger in practically all aspects of her physique (and from what little experience I do have, thicker-bodied girls are much more comfortable to cuddle). At least that's the 'optimal physique' (think: big and chunky, plenty to cuddle, warm and cozy) I think of; I would not mind settling for a female mate who has the 'chunky' physique... If any existed.

Which they probably don't.

One thing I personally don't understand is why - pardon if I offend anyone, I do not mean to point swords at anyone - 'feminism' (mainstream edition) fails to understand that men are a vital externalized organ required for the continuity of the species in an organic fashion.

Aside from that, instead of trying to delete 'man' from 'mankind', have they ever considered cultivating assertive (messaging first and starting the conversation, et-cetera, pushing for a date, so on) or passionate-aggressive (aggressive when they discover shared passions which leads to them asserting themselves so they have someone to indulge the mutual passion with) trends or personalities - or even characters who possess these traits to push the agenda forward?

At the moment the most we have of this are the few manga/anime/H-content that describe or portray a world where the gender norms/morals/roles are casually flipped (to an extent, or entirely) for one reason (severe lack of men) or another (the world's just that way) outside of the MGE DOTR (if you know what the acronym means, you know).


why was the episode called Rickamurai Jack when he was wearing a Vampire Hunter D outfit

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