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Official Bugs and Suggestions Thread 3


If you encounter something that doesn't appear to work, works differently than expected, or could work better, post here.

Current Feature Requests
* Group messaging.
* Adding more anime and cons to the lists.
* Import/export XML anime list.
* Easier deleting all messages from a person.
* More work on blocking
* Speed of chat
* Better sticky/unsticky threads
* Improve notifications, history of notifications
* Test back button further
* Reputation based on heart pieces and hearts and minuses on posts.
* Report button for other things, like profiles or pictures.
* Quoting or tagging users in posts.

Recent Updates
* Clicking "More" on your news feed should hold the main post where it is, so your feed doesn't jump around and make reading backwards harder.
* Clicking photos on profiles now produces a new URL and shows the pictures in a more consistent format by uploader.

* Unfriend button can now be found on mobile again.
* Blocked users can no longer send friend requests to you.

Nov 05, 18 at 4:00am

Mmmmmm, I'm starting to be intrigued with what's going on.

Having a post count underneath our avatar would be cool.
Groups are broken, the groups I am not a part of show up in my groups list.
Groups that are public still have to be requested to join.
There should be a 'Groups' tab near 'Forum'.
We should be able to quote users and be notified due to the quote.

+ More later. >->

Nov 05, 18 at 6:51am

We should be able to quote users and be notified due to the quote.

Why this isn't on your list, I have no idea... I think almost all want this.

Nov 05, 18 at 2:46pm

i believe a good idea is to add more interests as ways to find people you can get along with easier. Hobbies and things of that nature

Nov 09, 18 at 11:15am

The unfriend button is missing

Odin the Baka commented on Official Bugs and Suggestions Thread 3
Odin the Baka
Nov 10, 18 at 7:35pm

A better block feature!!!!
You can see people’s post blocked or unblocked in any thread you’ve posted in, even without following it

A way to Hide certain info even from friends
Not a priority but I would like to be able to hide certain things from people on my friend list..

TheSailingTeacup commented on Official Bugs and Suggestions Thread 3
Nov 11, 18 at 7:26pm

So there is a person that has added me 3-4 times. Last time I blocked him, yet he was still able to add me. Is that a bug? I don't really wanna say who it is in public, but can it be fixed? Clearly don't wanna add the dude.

Nov 11, 18 at 7:43pm

Just a minor thing but when I accept or reject a friend request, the notification doesn't go away even after I go to other pages unless I refresh the page.

Nov 11, 18 at 10:15pm

Having a reputation system would be cool.
>+1 rep or -1 rep someone
>rep can be in the positive or negative but would start at 0
>be able to tell who's a friendly or rude person?

Odin the Baka commented on Official Bugs and Suggestions Thread 3
Odin the Baka
Nov 11, 18 at 10:25pm

Would be very helpful.. tho I have a feeling certain users might end up getting a bad rep for no REAL reason.

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