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Mommy’s Random Thoughts

Are you sure you need anymore children? LOL jk. Not to mention you are privileged with watching Josie and Pierre time to time. They've been banned from Leilum tho
@cur_lypav umm not privileged but blessed (get it right XD). Yes, I need more kids but I love the ones I have now UwU so even if I don’t get more I’m happy
@wei_ying my mistake. I had known some who's privilege had been purged. But you're the sister, so blessing indeed
@cur_lypav all is forgiven since you have recognized your fault XD
Aug 02, 22 at 5:27am
@wei_ying totally forgot to make it public. Found you xDDDDD
(4:35 PM Fri. Aug 5th) it’s thunder storming and I’m feeling relaxed. But I keep hearing a dripping noise and I’m not sure if somethings leaking or if I’m hearing rain drip from outside lol
(4:36 PM Fri. Aug 5th) Lighting hit my neighbors dog. Good riddance! Lil barking Chihuahua was annoying as fucc
@alephy no one has a chihuahua but there are pit bulls XD
Tbh I love dogs but chihuahuas are like Rats to me XDDDD
(12:52 AM Sat. Aug 6th) guess who’s electricity just now recently got fixed? XD Yup! Mine but it’s okay because me and my family sat in the dark playing games/singing ^^
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