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True, i got to overjoyed and took them for granted now there nothing left. hopefully i can get some more later on or find me some bagel- samas


Goddamn it mikan now i want bagels >:( all i have are chocolate chip muffins tho u.u


what do u mean!!!! chocolate chip muffins are amazing too!!! i want some plz send in by magic


I only have two...but i can share :3

Jan 13, 18 at 11:51pm

i prefer blueberry or wildberry muffins.


plz share one with me plz!!!! also i love all muffins. no favs
i love almost food equally


I have 2 blueberry as well, its what i have before going to work XD

@mikan i'll send them virtually

VeZeal commented on Random Thoughts.
Jan 14, 18 at 12:01am

"all i have are chocolate chip muffins tho"

And he's saying that like it's a bad thing...


@vezeal ikr!!!

@panda tyty may ur luck be good for the day for once, for ur kindness lol


@vezeal it is a bad thing >:u cuz i cant eat them even if i wanted to. If i eat them then i wont have anything to eat before work and i will be in a silent room with my coworker and my stomach will be growling non-stop >.>

@mikan well my new headphones came in today so i guess im lucky :D even tho i spent 15 mins trying to find the mailbox

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