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21 year old Female
Last online about 6 hours ago
Party City, Canada
The girl in the profile picture is based of of my actual appearance :) I am a veteran anime watcher, I've seen more than 700 (both tv and OVAs/ONAs). My MAL link: https://myanimelist.net/animelist/The_Sugar_Girl&view=tile&status=2.
I don't read a lot of manga but my favourite one is "Oyasumi Punpun":3 I like drawing and I post my artwork on my Insta: @jay_the_fallen (don't dm me there cuz I won't reply, sorry!) I also play games sometimes but they are mostly story-based and not multiplayer ones, overall I prefer watching let's plays than playing myself~ I go on Reddit sometimes (mostly for memes :)) I watch Lost Pause, The Anime Man, Pewdiepie and Unus Annus. Also if you like RuPaul's Drag Race and want to chat about it, feel free to hit me up!

Hey! Save yourself some time on asking questions by reading my FAQ! :3


1. Why are you on this website?
- Just pure boredom, I am not really looking to date anyone rn but I'm always up for making new friends. :3
2. Is your hair actually pink irl?
- Yes, it is!
3. Do you have Discord?
- No, I don't and I'll probably never have.
4. How are you?
- I'm good!
5. What's your favorite anime?
- My favorite anime is Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.
6. What are your hobbies?
- I like drawing, watching anime and Netflix shows, baking and shopping!
7. Where are you from?
- Currently I live and study at Uni in Poland. The location displayed above is completely fake.
8. What do you study at University?
- I study English Philology.
9. What are your favorite games?
- I like Life is Strange, Undertale, Ib, Slime Rancher, Alice Madness Returns and Papers Please.
10. What kind of music do you like?
- I like pop-punk, rock and alternative rock, also my favorite bands are Fall Out Boy, Poets of the Fall, Shinedown, Nothing but Thieves and Rise Against.
11. Console or PC?
- PC all the way! I've never owned a console, nor did my friends so I never got to use one.
12. Do you have any good friends on this website?
- Of course! His name is Georfe and he's amazing, honestly he's like the culmination of everything good in the world, everyone else pales in comparison to him :3