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31 year old Female
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Apr 08, 22 at 5:25pm
Please enjoy these nezuko headpats
Codex @j_m left a comment for weezypup09
Apr 01, 22 at 4:02pm
Must head pats to nezuko *proceeds to give head pats*
Howdy. Saw a Nezuko picture, so I stopped by to give mandatory head pats. Have a nice day. :3
I'm doing much better, didn't have to stay the whole time in the ER. Thank you for all the concerns ^^
Jay Bee @jaydeebee Glad to hear your doing alright!
Didn't think I'd be spending my evening in the ER. Lets hope I can go home tonight. Incase anyone wants to ask it's stomach issues.
xxx @__removed_leilum left a comment for weezypup09
Mar 02, 22 at 11:20pm
"I am here to make friends, if something more happens then awesome. " I like this line hahaha
Fig @joemama711 left a comment for weezypup09
Mar 02, 22 at 10:37pm
I've read your about me and understand completely before we've interacted. Hope you're doing well
To those who are new or just haven't seen the updates to my profile. Please have a look, I do make the effort to make my profile to avoid frequently asked questions. It also does show you take the time to know about me beforehand. I read everyone's profile before adding just hope to get the same. Not upset or anything just a friendly reminder to those who may have forgotten :)
Fig @joemama711 left a comment for weezypup09
Feb 28, 22 at 4:26pm
You can't comment under someone's comment ,you need a verified phone number and if you try to post anything you have to fill out captcha everytime you post something. It's in your account settings
Noticed people are talking about the site verifying a phone number but this site never ask me for a number so I'm confused lol
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