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GoIdfishy Ⴟ

Last online about 12 hours ago

I'm GoIdfishy and welcome to my profile!

First thing I must mention is that I'm (kind of) a gamer. I'm working on getting a good PC to play more games but I do enjoy console games too. I don't have any new gen consoles. I'm basically limited to a PS2 and a 3DS.

The games I play are:
Golf With Friends
Rainbow Six Siege
Rocket League
Golf It

Hit me up if you ever wanna play a round or two of something. I am looking to expand my library when I can afford it.
Next Steam purchase: Gang Beasts

I spend most of my free time watching YouTube videos and Twitch live streams. My favorite Youtuber is Ohmwrecker/Maskedgamer. I also adore H2O Delirious, CaRtOoNz, BryceGames, MiniLadd, Terroriser, Wildcat, and many more in that gaming circle.

I enjoy watching game live streams as well. My favorite Twitch streamers are PhantomACE_ and GassyMexican.

I am a cosplayer but since it has become far too expensive, I've put cosplaying on the back burner. If you're curious as to what cosplays I have done, feel free to ask. I mostly cosplay male characters though.

I'm currently working on an H2O Delirious cosplay and will be making an Ohmwrecker cosplay after that.