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35 year old Male
Last online about 4 hours ago

Discord: Taiyou#8056 add me if ya wanna talk and im not here.

Apparently im INFP-T xD

Looking for a girl (advertised for dating too, not that i am gonna zero in on just that.) to share my interests with. I'm always up for talking though too ^.^

Does not mean im against male friends, seriously guys, denying my friendship T_T (granted i may miss a few)

Love anime, manga, and video games. Likes to hang out, see movies, do anything out and about really.

Hmm, im told i should put more...

I love to cook, i have this weird and itchy habit of listening to music for a minimum of 2 hours before trying to sleep. I love to rp, of any kind >.>

I am a fidgety texter, meaning if i like talking to ya i may spam you. Before my best friend got married, he and i had a very confusing chat history to most people.

Also i appreciate honesty, being up front, and at least tell me to stfu if i bother ya ^_^

Edit/addition: 3/10/18

I DO from time to time suffer ftom a strange need to analyze things or people. Ive picked apart myself many times, and most of my friends. I also do not have a high opinion of myself. Possibly because of this. Doesnt mean i hate myself, i just dont see anything more than average value.

I also love to debate, and will often take the other side just to take devils advocate, so plz don't take that personally.

Video games i am currently latched onto, are Monster Hunter World, and final fantasy 14.

I cant wait for more nintendo though @_@.

Did i mention im weird enough to argue... just for fun? xD