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Running 4k at 10fps?(-_-,)

Holy See (Vatican City State)
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Apr 15, 19 at 1:51pm

weee hablas español?

Mar 29, 19 at 3:31pm

Agreed. Honesty is very important, not just in establishing healthy relationships and ignoring future problems, but in shaping one who someone that's not afraid to speak their mind and grow as a person, even if they're wrong, rather than adapt a fixed mindset in taking every retort and blunt assumption or comment personally. For that'd just highlight insecurity and ignorance. Best anyone can do is acknowledge such remarks and learn from them. I mean, you're pretentious as hell, but no one can be labelled as being just one thing....just as how there will always also be others who are naive, emotional people that don't listen to logic or blatantly ignore it, it's just how it is. I don't dislike the naive or go grinding them down beneath my the naive can learn through experience and guidance, regardless of how obnoxious they can be. Cause I know I'm naive in a lot of topics and in general too....yet in the end, it's all about having an open-mind, having a healthy self-esteem, and willing to learn. But what I DO dislike and stay away from are naive people that continue to not learn or have half a mind to listen and take criticism without showing off how insecure, delusional, and "right" they are. I naturally ignore such people unless their toxic selfishness starts me or harassing others. Such people tend to make their own obstacles and problems when they don't get what they want. Also, showing some emotion is different than entirely casting aside logic and barking back at others due to one's own insecurities. Ain't nothing wrong with showing some emotion, just means you've got the balls to express yourself some around others. What is wrong is completely ignoring others logic and only perceiving it as hate or nonsense that ain't worth thinking about. So, it ain't more about emotions itself being the main negative factor at fault as much as it is peoples fixed mindsets, inability to face obstacles, emotional insecurities/immaturity, and childish temper tantrums due to not knowing how to handle criticism, rejection, and differences in opinion/perspective/etc. Aggressive emotions in denial without logic are more of the effect than they are the cause.

Jessie left a comment for Running 4k at 10fps?(-_-,)
Mar 21, 19 at 12:27pm

Hello there and thank you. Well, I get them little all over the place, but a lot of them has come from a site called Utforska Sinnet ( and Pinterest ( Utforska Sinnet is a Swedish website that publishes articles about psychology and more, which has some decent pictures. So I tend to google search the images and most of the times find a collection of pictures I like.


I can relate XD


Your 1st post was,

"I'm sorry to ask this but why are you such a dick to me like I don't even know you but when it comes to the nicknames that you're giving all you do is give insults"

You then deleted my 1st response from your wall. Therefore I will repost it here.

The 2nd nickname that I gave you on the nickname forum was, “unfamous author”. The question then arises, are you a famous author? Please enlighten me, how many of your mangas have been adapted to animes? Perhaps you have sold millions of books unto the masses? Who do you think you are by being offended by the nickname, “unfamous author”? Now let’s assume that I called the author of Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling, an unfamous author. She has a case to be offended by the nickname, “unfamous author”. J. K. Rowling has sold millions of books of Harry Potter. The Harry Potter movies have also grossed millions of dollars in the box office. But you think you’re a famous author?

You state on your info pg. that you,” dream of becoming a famous author and also a manga publisher.” What is the definition of dreaming? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary definition:

4a : a strongly desired goal or purpose
//a dream of becoming president
b : something that fully satisfies a wish : IDEAL
//a meal that was a gourmet's dream

A dream is a goal that has not been obtained. By your own words, you are still dreaming to become a famous author. Therefore, you have not reached your goal of becoming a famous author. Hence the nickname, “unfamous author”. You can live in lala fairy tale land all you want, thinking that you are something, but not me.


Good night.


Don't worry I wont block you. I have very thick skin and im not a snowflake.


You erased my post? I wonder why? I thought you said that it didn't affect what I said about you? Sliced him like a knife going through butter


That went as I expected.

Mar 19, 19 at 11:37am

And PS the reason why I liked the comment that you made about me is because of the fact that literally I thought it was a joke but then when you try to come in saying that oh unfamous writer trying to tell me that my dreams will never come true and thinking that I am just in the clouds living in a fantasy world that's where I draw the line. And I don't just talk about relationships here I talk about anime and manga as well plus I never even said that I draw Manga got all. I am a actual writer so seriously get your facts straight before you start making your rant on someone you don't even know or don't even give a shit about knowing.