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Last online about 9 hours ago

Hello i am Vayne and

I graduated with 3 years of CAD (computer aided design)
i like writing stories and making art.
i am interested in making stuff like gadgets robots ect. (never made anything like that but i think it would be fun to learn, also as of writing this my only experience in coding is 30 minutes in python learning how to make it say stuff. Update: its been months and i forgot everything i learned in python)

i want a cozy relationship where its fine to sit down on the couch cuddle and watch anime together, play games, go on walks, explore, etc. (p.s i have held off on watching some anime in hopes to watch them with other people.)

I need a partner.
id like to be with someone who i feel comfortable being myself with and who can help me break out of my shell, someone i can trust and love, i want someone i can fall back on and who will be there to keep me as me.

also i know this bio is long, don't judge me... for that... feel free to judge me for whats in the bio tho.

Also im a Pisces