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Last online 5 days ago
I love anime and I'm really into collecting anime merch, especially figures, manga, and art books.
I tend to like most things that I watch, but to name a few, Madoka, Clannad, Kenshin, Dimension W, Black Rock Shooter, HunterxHunter, Inuyasha, etc.
For games I like RPGs, strategy, fighting, mobile, so like Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, Smash, Arknights, MegaMan, etc.

I love to draw, usually traditional but I've been learning digital.
Usually I draw girls in lewd/ecchi outfits because I love to design outfits in general, but I prefer very edgy, gothy aesthetics, like in BRS.
Lots of chains, shiny black clothes, straps, belts, or gyaru type things.
Also I love to listen to Vocaloid, electronic/trance, breakcore, melodic death and more extreme metal.

tl;dr, love anime, love lewd, love arts
Feel free to message or add me. I like to talk about drawing, music, and anime related things.
Thanks for reading.