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19 year old Female
Last online 9 days ago
Herndon, VA
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Dec 04, 19 at 3:17pm

should i actually bother trying to use this anymore or--

May 07, 19 at 9:07am

Who's still here? xD

Feb 28, 19 at 10:50am

I hope everyone’s doing okay today! Don’t really use this site much anymore but I’ll try to respond to messages as I get them! ^^

Feb 19, 19 at 4:27pm

So...I met my boyfriend on here. I made this profile on here yknow, as a joke, and didn’t expect to actually use this site for its intended purpose. However, after having met this guy, whom had this really huge obsession with me, I started thinking “hey, this can’t be so bad.” So I befriended him. Soon after, about maybe a month later, I started falling for him. On the 26th of December, I finally said yes to his offer to be his girlfriend. This past weekend, I met him in person at Katsucon, and now if anything, that was what really told me I’m going to marry this boy. He’s my life, my I’ve, my future. Nothing can get in our way- not even distance!! ♡♡♡

RiaslovesIssei *love Wow I can’t type ^^;
Out of order left a comment for RiaslovesIssei
Out of order
Jan 19, 19 at 4:41am

Hiya, thanks for the friend request it’s a pleasure to meet you

Neverland left a comment for RiaslovesIssei
Dec 24, 18 at 12:39am

That's too bad m8, seems like you're quite into music. Do you have any youtube videos of covers or the like? In the past when I was young, my friends and I liked to do song covers and play music... part of it was for our own enjoyment, but then we found out that it was also a good way to attract girls o.o lol

Neverland left a comment for RiaslovesIssei
Dec 23, 18 at 1:25am

Nice pic, are you in a band?

luckycharms8_ left a comment for RiaslovesIssei
Dec 16, 18 at 6:44am

Chocolate hochocho ho merry coldly weather holiday month time! *classical music intro*

Dingo left a comment for RiaslovesIssei
Dec 10, 18 at 2:49pm

Hello, welcome to the site, hope we can chat some day :3

yasashinamida left a comment for RiaslovesIssei
Dec 06, 18 at 6:42pm

Hey, welcome to the site, land of Anime and cookies!

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