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Last online about 7 hours ago
About Me

Mainly looking for rp buddies/ casual introverted chatters to shoot the breeze with. ^_^ Keep this in mind please when adding that I will be extremely hesitant talking about rl details right off the bat!

Hi,I'm just a introvert that enjoys anime and role play as well. Have a good day whomever is reading this \( ̄▽ ̄)/

~More info~
So my lazy self decided to add more stuff on here~ Im also here to look for some friends, hunt for memes and just be myself. I tend to get a bit shy easily and go AWOL but I try to be on when I can. As for roleplay im Semi-lit and have a interest for Anime based roleplays (like playing characters from series and visa versa)

*Small but important side notes pls read*

Im pretty private so please don't go asking for pics and rl details super early on •×•

I'm using this site a mostly for the friend/social aspect so please keep that in mind when adding, I'm also not the most social person I might not accept right away please it's nothing personal ;x;

Just because I use lewd sources for art doesn't = me instantly doing lewd with you or you sending me out of the blue nudes, use common sense please ●︿●

Also new rules: Please don't add me for the sake of friend farming it's incredibly annoying. Please please actually read my profile before adding me cause i can instantly tell when you didn't. If I add you I will message you first and I kindly ask for the same on your end. ^_^ Also I will accept no one that is underage in any circumstance.