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45 year old Female
Last online almost 2 years ago
Van Nuys, CA
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Stumbled on this post by accident... wow... haven't posted/ chatted/ etc... for ages... been working so much lately. Especially during the COVID my work place has been relentless. Anywho, the free time I've spent is in watching anime, and I'll indulge in hentai/ and yaoi lol XD guilty as charged.
Jun 25, 21 at 10:52am
That moment when someone convinces you to watch a hentai for the plot and you actually watch it with them without fapping. Then you watch After the Rain and see true wholesomeness, forgetting about the hentai altogether.
Sorry for responding back so late... been so busy with work ever since COVID. Although the answer to your question is hard to answer since I love to watch tons of anime. Just wish I had friends to watch with. Most favorite I would say would be The "Testament of Sister New Devil", "Nana", "Fruits Basket" " How not to Summon a Demon Lord", "Goblin Slayer", "One Punch Man", "Diabolik Lovers", "Elfen Lied", "Chobits", "Black Butler", "Fullmetal Alchemist", "Casshern Sins", The Wallflower" "Inuyasha", "School Rumble", "Wolf girl and Black Prince", "Bannana Fish", "Yona of the Dawn", "Brother's Conflict", "Redo of Healer", "Hellsing", " The Ancient Magus Bride", " Magical girl Site", "Paradise Kiss", "Princess Jellyfish", etc... Lolz XD ... how about yourself????
Hey there! How are you doing? That's really cool you have been into anime for such a long time :) do you have any favorites?