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A nameless warrior poet

Last online about 17 hours ago
Russian Federation
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I found this in a book I’m reading.I translated this chart into English.Qi is mana,I agree.Also in Daoism (religion),一,玄 and 道 also refer to Qi.I like one word “天人感应”.


I downloaded lots of old ebooks about I Ching, Qi/炁 and Qigong to my tablet~"内练一口气"~Despite the fact that I have no access to elixirs, I will possibly be a BanXian꒰⌯͒•̩̩̩́ ˑ̫ •̩̩̩̀⌯͒꒱/半仙/Demi-Xian.

A nameless warrior poet Since there's so much available even online, that's only one more reason for me to learn the language. Good luck~
Sep 13, 19 at 4:43pm

Come to Scotland and drink malt whiskey with me ;w;


It's Friday night.... I could be doing literally ANYTHING I want right now.

*proceeds to open laptop and replays this for like 15 fucking minutes....*

Where did I take a wrong turn in my life?


People at work staring at me and gossiping during lunch (probably thinking I was born without ears or something):
"The hell is wrong with this guy? He never talks to anyone and never shows any facial expressions. I wonder what he's thinking about every day."

Meanwhile in my mind:

KungfuComradeEnki☯️ Typical INTJ.I bet many ex-colleagues of mine find me too difficult to understand and too quiet. One previous boss of mine quickly saw through my disguise as an outgoing person,”You love solitude” ;)


Aug 27, 19 at 1:13pm

I deal with the same thing!
Maybe you should try to blend in by pretending to be a "hip and cool teen" by doing "hip and cool teen" stuff like skateboarding or vaping or something. That's what kids like, right?

Aug 26, 19 at 10:38am

Well it could just be your eating habits, alot of people dont realize you need to adjust eating habits to fit what ur trying to achieve. Like if ur trying to get big you have to eat a set amount of calories per day. If ur trying to get muscle you gotta get necessary vitamins and proteins to feed that muscle growth
Well fruitflies look for moist places or whatever to lay eggs and get drinks or whatever so thats why they fly around our faces i actually looked it up when i had this going on. I also had to piur scorching hot water down drains cuz apparently they also lay eggs there

I believe i carried them in Because i never had this problem before. Either that or they came from the outside. There is a field full of crops near by my house so they probably were lingering around and made their way to my house. I didnt know fruitflies were a thing so i left my fruit out in the open to ripen. But i might need to try that stuff.

Aug 23, 19 at 10:06pm

Well im not exactly big and stuff just tall and pretty slender/thin but still im trying to stay that way and not get fat XD i dont think it would suit me well tbh.
See that's the thing, the longer you let it sit out and ripen the better it tastes. Maybe if i could get like a fruit container to let it ripen that could help. I just dont want any more fruit flies they are annoying af. It took me like weeks to get rid of them. I had to make sure i didnt leave ANY food out (including in trash), i had to flush out drains with scorching hot water had to nuke windowsills with raid. Im thinking i picked up a bag that already had a nest of them and thats how they got in my house