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‎Lunatic of strife

Last online about 14 hours ago
Russian Federation
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May 16, 24 at 1:06pm
I can't remember if I responded to you. I thought I did but I guess I didn't. We are 9n the mend but for 2 weeks my brain has been melting. I'm glad to see you still popping in ever so often. I hope you are safe and well always too.
buggo @buggo left a comment for ‎Lunatic of strife
Jan 17, 24 at 7:19pm
haha that's a good one
yes we do also we do deep fried battered pizza called pizza crunch
@yaasshat Oh you're definitely right about that.... I eventually realized that money and career mean little to me, unless I can use the fruits of all that time and effort to make someone I care about happy.
Back-end dev here, working mostly with Java. We do have people for client-side matters, but I am occasionally required to get involved there as well. Not something I want to keep doing though.... Kind of hoping to change my job and work on AI instead at some point, since that's a lot more interesting to me.