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Nov 08, 18 at 3:07am

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn

Velcro is a real lifesaver when it comes to attaching armor to fabric, let me tell ya! (Definitely makes it easier to store and put away also.) I also made the back piece even though it's very likely going to be completely covered with my cape (unless there's a breeze or something at AN which would be a blessing considering how hot it's going to be wearing everything) but I made it anyway because it was on both the concept art and the ingame model so there you go. (Plus it keeps the side pieces more rounded around my waist so that's a plus.)

Now to just make the boots (which I've been kind of dreading) and Alondite and it's all done!

Oct 29, 18 at 5:58pm

"Emblem" - Fire Emblem series

This one took a good while to do. The intent was to sort of make a kind of "coat of arms" representing the ENTIRE series (with the exception of Three Houses which isn't out yet and Warriors which I don't feel honestly needs to be repped in my opinion; I'm a huge apologist for Fates, but Warriors is a bit not quite what I was hoping it'd be, sadly.) and the background was going to be just an old castle wall with greenery and such, but decided to just make it rep Fire Emblem Heroes instead by using one of the basic backgrounds. I also was considering painting in the hands of each Lord/protagonist of each respective game grabbing their weapons, but I wasn't sure if that would look as good and I didn't want to risk it. (Plus with characters like Ephraim and Hector it'd be kind of awkward looking considering their weapons of choice.)

Oct 24, 18 at 2:44am

Black Knight's arm armor and gauntlets (Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn)

This piece took a bit of doing, especially since I had to make ten separate pieces total. (I was originally going to make the forearm pieces one piece for each arm but decided to just make them three separate pieces instead to make them easier to put on and take off.) They do droop a smidge but I think they turned out fairly well regardless.

Apologies for my disgusting mirror in the second shot... >,..,<;

Oct 01, 18 at 1:27am

It's really starting to come along. The pauldrons were a huge pain to attach and keep together but some Kwik Seal certainly helped a ton.

Sep 01, 18 at 5:49pm

Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn)

It's technically not "finished" yet as I'm still waiting on getting some polyurethane to give it a shinier, more metallic look, but it's about as done as it's going to be for now. In any case, this is basically my back-up main cosplay for next year since my plans for Victoream didn't turn out super great. (Mostly due to how much I actually needed to make it the way I wanted to >,..,<)

The Black Knight has been sort of a dream cosplay of mine for as long as I've been doing this but I was always too frightened to even attempt it because of how detailed and daunting it is. This is also my first attempt at working with big, thick EVA foam sheets (among other things like using a dremel tool, working with flexbond for added durability, etc.; just standard cosplay stuff I never got around to using for one reason or another) so I'm actually really happy with how this turned out.

Aug 18, 18 at 8:01pm

Welp, Victoream's a bust; making the head alone requires more resources than I have on me currently so the cosplay is unfortunately a no go right now and for the foreseeable future. (Though better to find out now than later which is one of the reasons I do this stuff early so I'm not panicking like a month before AN.) Fortunately the stuff I did use is salvageable for future cosplays/props (even though the front part of the head consumed almost an entire mat of thick EVA foam) though I wonder what I'll do with the remote controlled LEDs and acrylic circles I got specifically for this. Ah well, I guess I'll just pick another character for my third character/main cosplay. No biggie, a bit disappointing, but no biggie regardless! (Though now I'm curious about a Dr. Stone cosplay since I've got a spot open now. We shall have to see...)

Aug 03, 18 at 9:40pm

"Let's Pop Together" - Pop Team Epic

Note to self: Next time I make stuff like this be it for a commission, for funsies, or otherwise DO NOT hand stitch them completely as it will take forever to get even one done.

In any case, After getting disappointed at not finding any PTE merch at Anime North this year I decided to make my own (pretty much my motivation to make a lot of the fan art/stuff I've made lol); more specifically I wanted to recreate the felt dolls from the "Let's Pop Together" music video (if you can even call it that) from one of the first couple episodes with bendable limbs and fingers for posing. I also wanted to create a bunch of accessories to recreate some of the panels from the four panel manga but since this was my first time even attempting to make a plushie (let alone two) I decided to hold off on that. I may make them at a later time and fool around with the idea for pictures but for now this'll have to do.

Jul 06, 18 at 3:24pm I'm not sure how many people are interested (if anyone) but I do art streams on Twitch every Friday (or at least the Fridays I'm not feeling like crap mentally/physically and am available, but it's pretty much most Fridays regardless) at 8:00 P.M. EST until usually around 11:00 P.M. EST so feel free to come on by whenever to hang out in the chat. (Until I can afford a mic and pop filter that don't make me sound terrible I'm sort of restricted to responding via chat though, but I always try to be wary of anyone trying to stir up conversation whilst I work.)

We're making Pop Team Epic felt dolls this time around so if that sounds like a fun thing to watch again feel free to stop on by whenever as I do enjoy the company! (I mean, I guess I'd have to if I wanted to stream my work as much as I do, but you know what I mean! >,..,<;)

Jul 05, 18 at 5:33pm

I suppose this is supposed to be like a social media status thingamawhatsit? Okie-doke... Uh... "Feelin' fine".

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