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21 year old Female
Last online about 1 month ago
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Jul 01, 19 at 5:33pm

Low key completely forgot about this website lol.

Lead Dickhead. left a comment for rinonako
Lead Dickhead.
Sep 19, 18 at 5:54am
This account has been suspended.
Sep 16, 18 at 6:15am

Oct 2 Austin texas. I'll be watching hero academia movie. Are yooooooooooooooooou?

gonsha left a comment for rinonako
Sep 10, 18 at 2:52pm

I read your profile and you seem like a pretty cool person, so I thought I'd send you a friend request. Hopefully we can be good friends

tehsuri left a comment for rinonako
Sep 09, 18 at 9:21am

Uhm, hiya. Just wondering if you wanted to be friends. I read on you rprofile that you've been to Anime Matsuri a few times. c:

Lead Dickhead. left a comment for rinonako
Lead Dickhead.
Sep 01, 18 at 9:28pm
This account has been suspended.
Aug 31, 18 at 4:44am

For the past few weeks I've been feeling broken and frustrated and torn with myself. There's still alot going on in my life and at the moment I feel like I'm losing myself. My anxiety and my depression have been getting me and I'm frustrated that I can't publicly speak about it without getting slammed by people saying that my issues shouldn't be put onto others and that I need to keep my mental health to myself. And it's not easy when you need to tell people about it but they don't ever want to hear about what's going on because they think that it's just me looking for attention or that I need to visit a therapist for help or that I need to go on to medications.

I haven't left my room in 2 days and I'm slowly being crushed by the reality of that people just don't care anymore. I don't even know just how many of my "friends" are actually friends...

I apologize if this is something that you don't want to see because "it's a sEnSItiVe tOpiC". But I need to get things off of my chest, because it's eating me inside.

Lead Dickhead. Try to take some time to relax, go out for a walk or something to ease your mind. As a person with depression his whole life, I have to say exercise really helps me, makes me feel better and more accomplished. Families should be there to listen to something personal like this or really close friends. Not everyone is gonna be a friend, heck I get rid of people I don't consider friends so I don't waste time with them. That's just my opinion though.
fatblackguy12 (king of con I usually take a shit load of Seroquel for that and my paranoid schizophrenia. And remember 2 packs can make the pain go away eventually.( Seriously don't do anything I say)
Aug 26, 18 at 10:28pm

I'm so bored.

Aug 21, 18 at 11:00pm

If anyone's curious I had a long several month leave because from april to August 2 I lived in Nebraska...a very small town in nebraska...and at the time i was living with my now ex, but still good friend. There's been a lot happening in my life and now I'm that the point of struggles. I've gotten a job already so thats good on me but now im sitting at home bored and lonely because I'm scared to go out alone to meet new people. all of the friends I have are either busy working or they're spread across the country so my moods just been down lately.

Aug 20, 18 at 3:02am

So I've moved back to Texas...and more stuff has happened and as of lately I've just become really sad and not where I want to be right now.

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