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23 year old Female
Last online about 10 hours ago
Salt Lake City, UT
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yanderecon @yanderecon left a comment for ravenkiryu
Oct 31, 22 at 12:03pm
Heya i see you like Dragonball and jujutsu kaisen i'm a big fan myself
Jun 08, 22 at 11:25pm
I am a free hand artist I'd love to see some more of your work and share mine as well!
Colton @mortisk left a comment for ravenkiryu
May 08, 22 at 5:37am
You're the only person from UT I've seen on here ha ha. I was starting to lose hope
hi we have a few things in common i am very creative i make music and i am a little anti socal but i am up toif you are hit me up if your up for it
Nice character design, reminds me of ruby style and weapon wise. Btw people don't know this but they don't get notifications of your reply unless you dm them or post on their wall.
slang0724 @slang0724 left a comment for ravenkiryu
Oct 16, 21 at 11:11pm
This account has been suspended.