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20 year old Female
Last online 6 days ago

(#single #Panromantic asexuals ) { you will all so notice i change my profile to much XD} LGBTQ safe place :D |consent is key with me| just ask for my relationship application :D

what I'm looking for in someone to date: it doesn't matter your gender or what you may identify as (age does matter) I'm looking for someone loyal, loving, caring someone who loves me for me ( and isn't trying to sleep with me) XD because that won't happen anyway hit me up with an interesting starter (other then hi/hey) i just want to see what you all come up with. i love deep chat to really get to know the person
hey! i hope to make friends and get to know people! i have my own youtube channel as well was i make Minecraft video. I have social anxiety as well so i use my video to try and break out of my shell! so far it slowly working because i made a few good friends on the way thoughts when i get nervous i start talking fast & stuttering a lot but if I'm relaxed around you I'll just talk your head off lol. of was friends you can add me. i love to get to know you all :D I'm online kind of a lot because i have a lot of free time so send me a message. ( but don't talk to me about sex I'm not interested)

youtube channel:
My name Sha’tara here a few things about me. My like, dislike, hobbies, music i listen to, and maybe more

Like: Coloring (i can't draw just color) Watching anime Cooking Fixing are a computer or try to at least Making website and account Make a character on imvu for my youtube channel Voice acting my character Playing a video game

Dislike: Someone who spam the chat which mean you u just keep posting and not put everything into one chat box People asking me why I’m pansexual or tell me i need to sleep with someone /so don’t do that/ Judging my grammar when i told you about it from the start so can’t blame mei did say so I hate when people i don’t know call me cute name like we're dating or something it just weird being called “cutie” or “babe”