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elhaym left a comment for rai89
Jun 10, 19 at 12:20pm

Oki, I'm glad to hear~
Ohh nice! What did you do? Hajime no Ippo looks nice - I would give it a try :) Did you have seen Baki (the old series)? I have seen some episodes with my best friend. I'm curious if it kinda the same like Hajime no Ippo. I had the same with some other mangas too that I didn't like the lastest develop of it. Mostly I'm excited for the first books of a series :) I'm wondering if I can buy a German version of Hajime no Ippo~

Ohhh nice a fellow Seinen lover ^-^ that's always nice to see!
I see Isee - maybe you can make a lot of friends here in Germany :)

elhaym left a comment for rai89
Jun 05, 19 at 4:11am

Heya rai89~ sorry for my late response - work was very busy in the past, but today I have some time to reply back~ also I thought you would speak German :o

How's Hajime no Ippo? One Piece is a nice Manga - I do liked it to read that series. You have a nice taste :) I'm actually collecting Atelier of the Witch Hat and After the Rain, it's been a long time that I have read Mangas.

That's nice! I started to watch anime (with my mother) when I was a lil'child My brother took me into reading mangas when I was 7 years old. My first manga was Dragon Ball :D one of my favourite genres are Seinen. I like deep stories~

Did you ever visit a German Convention? :)

elhaym left a comment for rai89
May 20, 19 at 1:17pm

Hey, was geht? :) Mega cool, dass du ein reader bist~ Welches ist denn dein lieblings Manga? Bzw, seit wann bist du denn ein aktiver Leser? :D