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Last online almost 2 years ago
Wont be on here for a while, Bermuda
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Crystal @noar left a comment for Nekomimi
Dec 18, 21 at 8:02am
looking for a nekomimi already!
This account has been suspended.
Nekomimi @nekorine It’s hard to scroll when there’s this big thing here XDD
Cutting ties @theghoulieleader Yet we do it anyway bwhahahah
Neverland @dakoya left a comment for Nekomimi
Jan 01, 20 at 9:38pm
Why be a cat, when you can be a Tiger or Lion? Personally, I prefer the Snow Leopard... well for now... kakaka x3
Nekomimi @nekorine because my name is cat lol
Nekomimi @nekorine I do love dragons more though, but they don't exist rip :(
Neverland @dakoya Wah, dragons... Awesome! Well, actually in my culture, Dragons can be a bad omen. They represent floods and if you keep dreaming of one, it might mean, you're going to drown cuz a dragon wants you for a bride o.O... ergo, stay away from large bodies of water o.o... lol... Well, since you're a cat, perhaps you don't like water, then that wouldn't be too much of an issue xD.
Hi! I'm from the UK Birmingham. Its been a while since I've been here. Life got in the way, a few hiccups here and there, rough patches etc. I have a trip coming up in September 7th to the 14th to Ottawa Canada: me and my partner were planning to elope. I'm not really allowed to travel alone due to safety reasons and I did have a friend who was going (my partner is paying for the plane ticket and hotel so its just food and travel expenses at the location. We both understood its a pricey trip) but she backed out because she's busy. I don't know if anyone wants to take this opportunity to basically have a free trip. I'd obviously want to get to know somebody first in person. I'm sure we'll get along, I'm fairly chatty.I love animes, cosplaying, and pc gaming. Lemme know if you're interested!
I need to learn to have confidence and make sure my insecurities don't eat me alive since I feel as if I have ruined friendships because of it. I signed up for the gym and I have tried to motivate myself to be a better person inside and out.