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Last online about 14 hours ago
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Mar 28, 19 at 8:20pm

Nowadays... people, art and games are so much... bland and homogeneous... where is the sense of individuality and creativity from people? They just piss at their diapers in fear of offending someone... ugh! This is sickening!

Mar 14, 19 at 9:03pm

Ah, greetings to all! I come here today to tell you that I will have some hard time to log into Maiotaku due to the two schools I attend and my network crashing almost all the time.

Feb 16, 19 at 3:48pm

When marching: Veganism, Love, Hate No, Freedom
When losing: Damn humans, animals are better than us, come meteor

Ooooh... the hypocrisy...

Feb 11, 19 at 1:31am

My protip:
>gather money
>buy something neat for your beloved
>it doesn't need to be made of diamonds!
>prepare some cute act, she'd love it!
>in the end, thou shalt be rejected