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Mr. Sandman

18 year old Male
Likes: Females
Last online about 4 hours ago
São Paulo, Brazil
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Sep 19, 19 at 8:54pm

Okay! Tomorrow I'll solve all my problems with the Army!

Aug 27, 19 at 9:21am

Actually, I got out to pick an day to pledge.

Aug 27, 19 at 7:51am

Gotta go pledge to the flag.
Then my Army shenanigans will be over.

Enki☯️風煙漠客 left a comment for Mr. Sandman
Aug 13, 19 at 10:09pm

....!He is most well-known!

Jul 28, 19 at 3:18am

Guess I turned 18 now. I am like "eh" but I must go to the army tomorrow.

Enki☯️風煙漠客 Happy birthday!
h left a comment for Mr. Sandman
Jul 01, 19 at 11:59pm


May 30, 19 at 12:28am

Brazilians often say about being "conservative on standards" while "liberal at economy". Well, this is kind of unrealistic. Why? Classical Liberalism is called like that due to its republican nature. Liberty/Freedom is a Christian virtue, and the free market is a product of such. Most countries use the western way of politics, even those with a overly giant cultural difference.

Things like sheer individualism aren't freedom. They bind us to the shackles of our desires(the way we react to the world), like slaves. This happens in both political extremities(right and left wings). Let's remember our desires aren't the same of what we truly long for, what drives our life.

Western conservatism is, to conserve the teachings of the classics, the Roman Catholic Church and the political structure we have inherited from the Romans. Things that liberalism, as a whole neglects...

May 19, 19 at 11:50pm

Hrm... so, Maiotaku changes interface... pretty interesting.

Mar 28, 19 at 8:20pm

Nowadays... people, art and games are so much... bland and homogeneous... where is the sense of individuality and creativity from people? They just piss at their diapers in fear of offending someone... ugh! This is sickening!

Mar 14, 19 at 9:03pm

Ah, greetings to all! I come here today to tell you that I will have some hard time to log into Maiotaku due to the two schools I attend and my network crashing almost all the time.