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Hey, I'm someone who wants to make new online friends who share my interests. I like watching anime, reading manga and novels, playing video games, and crying. I would like to meet new people in the net so that's why I'm here duhh. I'm actually a shy girl but I would like to chat with others too. :)
-I usually play RPG stuff
-I watch any anime as long as it's good
-But romance will always be my favorite
-I put off a lot so stuff always end up unfinished :(
-I love food, but I love pasta, chicken and burgers more
-And I love mayonnaise *_* I would cover my plate full of mayonnaise if I can
-I can be super lazy... sorry about that
-I'm not really comfortable with vidchats or phonecall. Mainly because my English speaking skills are subpar at best and barely understandable. I might do it when I'm close to the person or I knew them for a long time.
-Feel free to send me memes. I love me some memes.
-Don't mind me if I say weird stuff, that's mostly because I'm bored and I don't know what to say.
-I'm not flat.
-I'm not a furry.
-I go on and off on this site sometimes because of other matters such as school so please bear with me.
-Gently pat me on the butt and call me a good girl pls
Add me on Discord if you want: Shawarma Mikuru #1008
Or in kik: llianave
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