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Yesterday at 10:21pm
Ah I see. I know about Takahashi sensei's past works so I am familiar with mostly Inuyasha and Yashahime. I'll give it a read some time and see how dark this goes. The premise definitely sounds like the beginning of Inuyasha.
@yellowotaku The Manga Mao was made by the same person who created Inuyasha, Rumiko Takahashi. In the story a high school girl named Nanoka who somehow survived a fatal car accident in her childhood, gets involved with a curse and some murder mysteries after somehow being brought back in time to the early 20'th century. She meets a doctor/exorcist named Mao. I really wish I knew a better way to explain the story without spoiling too much of it. But to break it all down like in Inuyasha Nanoka can travel forward and back in time like Kagome could do, yokai can be seen throughout the story and also some former members of a cursed clan in the past time period. There's a lot of mastery in the story regarding Mao's past and what happened to the members of the cursed clan, and the story is probably darker than Inuyasha in comparison but otherwise it's pretty good. Although like I said before it may not be for the faint of heart especially with certain images used throughout the story. I hoped this helped.
Does anyone else read the Manga Mao? (Warring not for the faint of heart)
Yellow Otaku @yellowotaku Looks interesting. What's it about?
I'm all good for now. Sorry for the late reply. (^_^;)
Yo! How's it going?