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Yuri Plisetsky

17 year old Female
Likes: No Preferences
Last online about 15 hours ago
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Feb 18, 19 at 3:21pm


Marcus left a comment for Yuri Plisetsky
Jan 26, 19 at 4:00am

Yo! Thaaanks for the request!

Jan 25, 19 at 10:32pm

Thanks for the friend request.

lewtai left a comment for Yuri Plisetsky
Jan 07, 19 at 10:32pm

awsome just msg me when ever u need someone to talk or just wanna play games or anything in general

lewtai left a comment for Yuri Plisetsky
Jan 07, 19 at 1:40am

if ur down to talk anytime then just msg me on discord or snap
Discord: LewTai#9999
SnapChat: peskyangel
lol sorry for cringy snap chat

Yuri Plisetsky cool, i added you on discord!
Jan 05, 19 at 11:04pm

anyone want to talk?

Muggleborn Baka |∀・)ジ you're back! no more tongue selfies either? you doing ok, feeling better? did you report all the people who've been bothering you like naito said? what brings you back around.
Yuri Plisetsky i’ll only post tongue selfies when people stop telling me dirty things they'd like to use it for, lol. i’m feeling a lot better, thanks! i reported and blocked some, yeah. i’m not sure exactly if i’ll stay back just yet, but i’ll peek around the corner for a bit and come back when i’m comfortable. i’ll definitely be back, thats for sure!
Panda-kun ™ Tongue selfie? Yo some people are literally creepy XD they actually said thst stuff?
Muggleborn Baka You not a creep!
Yuri Plisetsky oh yeah. and they’re quite detailed with it too.
Panda-kun ™ Wow and ur under age too, are they not afraid of the police or something?
Yuri Plisetsky i guess not, lmao.
Jan 03, 19 at 3:54pm

i want to come back to this site, i really do. but i’m not comfortable being on here. i set up a profile on here as a joke, then realized that there’s so many people like me on this site that i could make lots of friends! but... messages started flooding in. messages of unwanted attention. people in their early and late twenties would hit on me, asking me for sexual favors and pictures. i reminded them all that i am SEVENTEEN. and yet, they continued... so i went along with it. it was their choice to continue. but i got so into it and at the end of the day, i would look at myself in the mirror and feel absolutely disgusted by my own behavior. i’m not looking for a relationship. i can’t handle one. i fucked over so many people and WAS fucked over so many times in 2018 and that is not happening again. 2019 is MY year. if you want to be my friend, that’s great! but nothing more.

Panda-kun ™ Just report all the guys to the moderator...he might seem a little creepy but he means well i promise. Or the site owner sephiroth. Just report then all and they will be banned
Dec 11, 18 at 10:57am

i’m going to be inactive for a while, possibly for good.

Panda-kun ™ Sorry to hear, hope everything is ok. Have fun on your journey if you dont return.
Izuku_Midoriya left a comment for Yuri Plisetsky
Dec 10, 18 at 8:18pm

Thanks for the request! Oh... Looks like others beat me to it

Panda-kun ™ left a comment for Yuri Plisetsky
Dec 09, 18 at 9:43pm

Thanks for the request