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Ziro Is Lame

18 year old Male
Last online about 5 hours ago
Gabes, Tunisia
Alrighty, this is my 4th time changing my bio which just goes to show how all over the place i am (pls don't leave me :c)
Hiya, my name is nathir, pronounced nah-theer.But my friends call me ziro, if you don't like that then you can literally call me whatever you want because i generally don't mind
Around 2 to 3 years ago i used to make fun of two of my close friends 24/7 because they watched a lot of anime calling them no life weebs and such, even though i watched a little bit of anime long before that, i never found myself watching seasonal anime or something that's airing at the time (one punch man being an exception) as i only cared about the popular ones
But here i am now, i've watched literally more anime than both of them combined and i've even read a bit of manga which i've never seen myself doing like, ever
Fav anime are chuunibyou, jojo, re;zero, a place further than the universe steins;gate, ashita no joe, kaiji, prison school and grand blue
I haven't read a lot of manga but so far my favourites are jojo part 5 and 7, berserk(obviously), ichi the killer, citrus and prison school would be here if it wasn't for that god awful ending
I'd say my fav genres(and not just anime genres) are comedy, horror, shounen and yuri(haven't seen/read a lot of yuri but i absolutely loved the citrus manga)
I listen to pretty much any kind of music aslong as it's good, like one minute you could find me listening to death metal and the other i could be listening to fucking k-pop
But i guess i listen to tyler the creator, deathgrips, frank ocean and jakey most of the time
I guess you can say i'm interested in cosplay.I've never done it before(I have a picture of me doing the okarin pose in a labcoat but that's not really cosplay)But i think making my own cosplay of a character i like would be pretty fun
5 years ago i pretty much sold my soul to league of legends.Quite often i get fed up with it and quit for a few months but then it just drags me back in without my consent.Honestly it feels like being in an abusive relationship with Bill cosby

If you wanna play some games with me my ign is: ziro is cool(euw)

There's no way i could say this without sounding cringy but i fucking love video games, i could literally play them until i'm dead and i won't ever get bored.Sure i also love traveling and doing dumb regrettable shit with my friends but no matter what gaming will always have a special place in my heart, it got me through depression and all the hardships i've experienced in life, and because of that i've come to appreciate it more than anything

I have 7 cats at the moment and my overall record for most cats at the same time is 16, i like taking care of them until they've grown old enough so i could give them away to someone that deserves them, because everyone needs joy in their lives <3

I love all kinds of animals in general, but i can only keep cats right now because of family reasons.When i become independant i'm gonna turn my house into a fucking zoo, like the way people would identify it is gonna be by the tall ass giraffe neck sticking out of the front garden
Anyhow, message me whenever cause i'm always down if you wanna talk

Social media:
-Facebook: Nathir Fàt(ALRIGHT before i inevitably get asked this question.No, my last name isn't actually fat)
-Twitter: @ZiroKhattabi
This is the best video on youtube don't even argue with me