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25 year old Female
Last online 4 days ago
Stockholm, Sweden
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I wish main females in anime/manga would have more variety in shapes that are not over top fat/slim/hot

That would be awesome.

POCHAMANIA are one of my favourite manga as the main character female are shy, cute, nice and chubby but still score herself an awesome boyfriend who loves her for her. The boyfriend are the good kind that doesn’t want her to change and don’t care what other people thinks about him.

It’s very cute romantic and funny manga. Dealing with interesting issues and insecurities for relationship.


I’m gonna be honest

I have been paranoid for an long time about chatting with unknown people online and it still gives me anxious about it even to this day.

I have only chat with my friends online.

I don’t want to make excuses for myself as I only want to be as honest I can be with everyone I meet.

Anyway I do want to see how this experience would make me feel and I’m happy to hear from you all.

Just don’t get worried if I don’t answer you as I know we both have an life beyond this website.

Many thanks for reading