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Hey, thanks for the add!

K @kettledood left a comment for Kääps
Oct 24, 19 at 4:40pm

Thanks for the add c: Also add me on discord or send me your thing so I can add you and maybe we can play some games too

KuroK @kurok left a comment for Kääps
KuroK @kurok
Oct 19, 19 at 8:25pm

Thanks for the add!! Be prepared to ignore my posts... or at least thats what i assume most people do XD otherwise its kinda hard to see other things besides spam on your feed sometimes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. But if u can get past that i think we will get along nicely ^^
Hello!! Nice to meet you ^^

Laffantion @laffantion left a comment for Kääps
Oct 19, 19 at 1:16am

Thanks for the request, here have headpats :3

Max @reclaw left a comment for Kääps
Aug 06, 19 at 11:04am

Hello~ Welcome to my kingdom of hugs~

standino98 @standino98 left a comment for Kääps
Aug 06, 19 at 11:03am

Heyo! Thanks for the add!

Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 left a comment for Kääps
May 15, 19 at 6:36pm

Well that is a good question XD there is no easy way to sneak an elephant let alone transport it. Those things must weight a ton lol maybe just go to the local zoo? The element if surprise maybe? Thats what is hiddeb in the gift shop

Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 left a comment for Kääps
May 14, 19 at 3:55pm

Well elephants are pretty wrinkly maybe you can climb them if you grab on, or if they are strong enough train them to lift you up. I doubt the gift shop has a magic entrance leading to the sewer XD if anything i would probably be running away from some hungry rats. Its simple take random words tou hear alot in anime and just apply them to real world senarios.

Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 left a comment for Kääps
May 14, 19 at 3:02pm

IM HELLA FLUENT IN WEEBANESE i know senpai, kawaii and sugoi. "If you show me where the nearest hotel that would be sugoi" but nah i know a tiny bit of spanish just enough to get me by. Hahaha samr here if i get lost at our air port here at times i can only imagine the minute i step off the plane i end up missing XD "local boy found in sewer system, his response: "i thought this was the way to the gift shop"" yeah im not even sure how i would even get ontop of an elephant but there is always a first time for everything

Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 left a comment for Kääps
May 14, 19 at 1:44pm

I would like to ride something uh ^^; a little more smaller before i get on something as big as an elephant. But it would be really cool to ride XD yeah that does seem expensive. Well hopefully we both get to travel one day. Hopefully when its my turn, i dont get lost >.> im already pretty bad with directions here. Last thing i need is to be in a country where i dont know the language and i get lost