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22 year old Male
Last online 16 days ago
Stroudsburg, PA
Blah, Im a kind of awkward guy who doesnt tend to leave home too much, and spends most of his time drinking coffee and reading, and if im not doing that im either working, playing video games, or watching anime :'D I like making friends though, and I think im cool to talk to sometimes, maybe, I dunno, but hey, Im here, and im talking too much, so Im just gonna leave it at that :'D

ACTUALLY, thats not true at all, Im going to continue talking (muahahahaha) Im not sure how much my personality type will effect your getting to know my but Im an INFP-T, who wants to own a coffee shop (and possibly your heart, wink wink) Im very quite possibly mad, not quite like the red queen, I should say more like the hatter, I am quite friendly, you know, though I do have a tendency to trail off topics a lot... Where was I? Myself? Are you sure? Well, that just doesnt seem like me at all, now does it? Id quite rather talk about tea and the meaning of existence, or cats, cats are quite nice, theyre such majestic creatures, if I could own forty I surely would, whats that? Im ignoring talking about the oddball of a person that is me? Well, that most definitely sounds like me, why would you want to know me? Dont you know im mad? Oh well, if you so insist.

Im sure youd never be able to guess talking about myself is my worst subject, although I suppose in all of this I havent said very much at all, now have I? And so it goes on. Will it ever stop? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!!! >:3
Jun 7-9