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Neverland @dakoya left a comment for Jellyblob
Nov 09, 21 at 3:48pm


Neverland @dakoya left a comment for Jellyblob
May 28, 19 at 6:15am

Hey bud, sorry I kind of disappeared. I spent time on my school. Finished my degree finally. Hope things have been good on your end though ^^.

PULP @alphredo left a comment for Jellyblob
Mar 06, 19 at 9:03pm

Don't let Chronos keep ya from watching it lol :)

Neverland @dakoya left a comment for Jellyblob
Mar 05, 19 at 9:47am

Well, I had always wanted to travel a lot and seem like the cool uncle to my nieces and nephews, kind of like Indiana Jones lol. Then I could take them on some adventures abroad. I never had an uncle or aunt like that, but I think it'd be cool to have one lol.

You might be right about us being better left as mortals, but I would like to think that humans would evolve one day to not be dependent on bodies and exist purely as some kind of higher being. If you've seen the film "Interstellar", then you might get what I'm talking about b/c it seems like humans have been able to evolve past the 3rd dimension o.o... Where time could act as a mountain and you can leap over it or such things.

As for the government finding out... hmm.. I guess you could be right, but I would still highly doubt that the government would look into oddities like that. I mean as long as you're a bit careful, it would be difficult for people in general to even think of the concept as superhuman abilities as real o.o... Much less a group of old haughty men, convincing just one random police officer or CIA agent of the truth about superhuman powers would be a far stretch o.O..

Death note was definitely interesting. Code Geass reminded me of it quite a bit b/c not many people knew about the power of Geass'. There's also a few manga that I've read that are somewhat like Death note. I remember one right now where a teenager can kill people in his sleep by going into other people's dreams.

Neverland @dakoya left a comment for Jellyblob
Mar 02, 19 at 9:38am

Ah, I suppose that's true. I guess if I ever need some money, I can just pop it out and start playing on the streets lol. As for Kingdom, I'm sure you'll be satisfied lol.

I will definitely do some traveling, but I kind of feel like I might be lonely and not enjoy traveling as much by myself, so I might have to find some collaborators to join me in my travels. Plus, I feel like it's safer to travel w/ more people and also more fun!

I would also have to agree w/ you about the whole teleportation vs time stopping. I think your arguments for teleportation are good and coincide w/ how I think about it as well. Although I do think that it would be difficult for the government to find out about my ability unless it was more common than I thought, like in the film "Jumper". But if we expanded the abilities of teleportation and time stop to include traversing dimensions and traversing the time steam, I may have to rethink on my decision. I mean, if I knew my mom was gonna die in a car crash, I don't know if I would want to stop it or not and cause a butterfly effect o.o

Neverland @dakoya left a comment for Jellyblob
Feb 27, 19 at 9:35pm

Ah, I think I used to watch tons of anime as well, but over the years, I've started to do more reading of manga and webnovels instead. Never played Rocket League before, but it looks like an interesting game. Piano seems like it'd be an awesome instrument to play. I'd like to play that and the guitar in the future. Too bad I've only ever learned how to play the saxophone and upright bass.

Yea, there are a lot of zombie content available nowadays, but Kingdom is just a bit different and the quality is high. It's like watching a movie, so if you ever try to watch some zombie related content, I'd push that to the top of your list lol.

Sometimes I feel the same about how much stuff I want to do, but I feel like it'd be most helpful probably in traveling. If you could stop time or teleport anywhere in the world, which would you pick?

Neverland @dakoya left a comment for Jellyblob
Feb 26, 19 at 6:05am

No problem bud. Life happens. I'm only active right now b/c I have a break from school. I'll probably be busier once my break is over. What kind of hobbies do you have besides anime and manga? I'm definitely waiting for the next season of Westworld, I wasn't sure they would make another one, since they would have to start moving the plot to the real world and that would be a drastic change to the formula that is Westworld o.o.

I don't watch too many dramas, but I have enjoyed "My love from the star" and I've heard "Goblin" is a good drama, along with "Descendants of the Sun". Usually when I watch dramas, I tend to look for ones that have vengeance in their plot or something supernatural or sci fi. Oh, have you seen the new netflix original "Kingdom"? I've also heard that it's pretty good. It's about zombies during the Joseon era.

Neverland @dakoya left a comment for Jellyblob
Jan 25, 19 at 7:24pm

Yep, the creative springs seem like they could dry up at anytime. So I don't see how someone could be an author full time, unless they had quite the imagination and were knowledgeable on a variety of subjects.

Oh I haven't thought of it like that. The fault of the readers. I guess that might be kind of true, but I feel that it may be more likely due to the fault of the authors themselves. I don't know, I always imagined most authors to be junior high - high schoolers who had poor grammar and story telling skills. But I do agree w/ you that using a tried and tested model is usually the best way to make a buck. Even if an up and coming author tries to do something new it might be shut down by the editor or publishing company. I bet the whole "reincarnation" trope was kind of new until now it's a common genre, so much so that it can become boring. There have even been other novels throwing shit on this trope.

One such novel I read is a Thai original and revolves around a reincarnation company that usually uses trucks b/c in the reincarnation tropes the protagonist usually dies due to a truck lol. So whenever the company gets a call from a god or goddess that need a hero, they employees go out and run over said protagonist w/ a truck lol,

Yea I got into Release that Witch quite a bit because it's slightly different from the usual reincarnation trope and includes more kingdom building w/ niche subjects and perspectives. I haven't heard of Kingdom's Bloodline before though o.O. Oh, I have heard and seen a few episodes of Rokka no Yusha. The artwork for it seems quite awesome, but the story seems kind of convoluted w/ a lot of mystery and inter-fighting. That kind of threw me off of it. I don't really enjoy messy relationships.

Do you watch any tv shows or k/j-dramas? I was kind of curious b/c I just recently finished watching the show Westworld.

Neverland @dakoya left a comment for Jellyblob
Jan 22, 19 at 11:08pm

I'm kind of curious on that point as well. Mainly because I follow quite a few Chinese Webnovels and the people who translate it make around 1500 bucks a month with about 40-60 bucks per translated chapter at about 400-800 chinese characters. I would assume that as original content makers, Webtoon artists have to making at least more than that. It just kind of sucks how much pressure authors and content creators are under. I was surprised the first time I learned about authors falling ill b/c they needed to hit their quota of a certain number of new chapters a week or so.

As for my top five light novels or web novels. Hm... well I don't follow too many of them except for Chinese ones nowadays. If you don't mind Chinese ones then I'd say "Release that Witch", "Records of the Human Emperor", "The Grandmaster Strategist", "Coiling Dragon", and "Tales of Demons and Gods". I don't read too many Japanese web or light novels as the stories seem so childish now >.>... sad to say. The quality has gone down a lot, I think b/c it's a popular trend and any old Joe seems to think they have talent for it. It's starting to feel like Fanfictions instead of original content.

Neverland @dakoya Hbu, got any good recommendations?
Neverland @dakoya left a comment for Jellyblob
Jan 20, 19 at 7:47pm

Yea, sometimes I wish I had your discipline, but then again watching anime can be kind of addicting for me and I don't know when to stop. I sit down to do some homework and watch 1 episode of anime and later, it's 9pm and I haven't even finished a set of problems >.>... I definitely read some webtoons as well. I'm still kind of iffy on them though. I wish there were more sites like webtoons.com where all the comics were free. I've tried to find other sites, but they are only free up to a certain point T.T