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foony_sunflower left a comment for JaeBee
Mar 17, 18 at 12:06am

Ah! Smart smart! Maybe I should do that, I just find it annoying that WITH my amazon prime, I still have to subscribe to MORE things/channels. But I think I'll take advantage of that trial period when I for sure have time! I don't want to waste any days lololl! :P

foony_sunflower left a comment for JaeBee
Mar 14, 18 at 2:18pm

I love fantasy, so I think I'll enjoy it, too! I completely understand the whole, "why is this even here" part. It's like the writers are making open jokes, etc. Idk haha. I guess that's the smallll reason why I've watched anime alone hahaha, you just never know what'll happen or what will be said! But the same could be said for any show! Crunchyroll doesn't offer it, so I'll have to find someplace else to give it a watch. Thanks for the feedback! :)

foony_sunflower left a comment for JaeBee
Mar 12, 18 at 2:38pm

Ya know, I've YET to actually watch the actual Cowboy Bepop anime! Just the movie! I know, it's sad hahaha, especially since it's a classic! But for some reason I've put so many things before it.
I've officially made a new goal: watch it before the end of March! :p

What did you like the most about Made in Abyss (without spoilers)?

missgemini left a comment for JaeBee
Feb 21, 18 at 1:07am

Thanks, my friend actually made it.

Neko✨Mitsuki^w^♡ left a comment for JaeBee
Jan 12, 18 at 9:06am

Hiya nyaa^^

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