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29 year old Male
Last online over 2 years ago
United Kingdom
I don't accept random friend requests unless I know/you look real and normal. Message me first and let me get to know you.. /disclaimer

I never really know what to put in these things that won't make someone somewhere cringe but I'll give it a shot.

I'm cute, kind, witty and interested in all things nerdy, including gaming and anime (not read manga as the panel flows confuse me). My favourite genres are seinen, fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural, mystery/thriller, and horror, though I've watched 100s of animes that I lose count! Do feel free to ping me about something if you want to chat!

Other interests include playing guitar (my PRS is my baby), hiking, reading, traveling, swimming, but above all cuddling and binge watching in bed!
Outside of the casual nerdy stuff I'm seriously into computers, science, maths and linguistics.

My favourite anime are likely steins gate or claymore (can't decide), but paprika is up there too.
Books I love are mostly sci-fi/fantasy/speculative fiction, though my favourite series by far has to be cosmere.

I'm looking for someone who's cute, fun, keen to share similar interests to mine, who wants to be friends and possibly develop something more serious.
It's gotta be said I'm a guy of 5'4, I know this bothers some so want to be forward with it, personally I've not had issues (been with girls from 4'6 to 6'0!)

If you're interested in chatting (Currently speak both English and Spanish to a native level) or hanging out, hit me up, I don't bite (unless requested :P)