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neeto @neet_one left a comment for InNeedOfAssistance
Feb 14, 16 at 9:48pm

Making the best site in the world seems like a tall order, and is probably what everyone else sets out to do too. I don't think going with the flow and doing what's popular at the time is gonna make your site "the best in the world" but rather just another drop in the ocean. You seem convinced though that you have an ace up your sleeve so you may very well prove me wrong and I do hope it works out for you. I just don't think one should get their hopes up too high and try to have somewhat more realistic expectations. I made that mistake in the past, and the fact of the matter is you can have an incredible site loaded full of every feature a person could ever dream of while doing eveything better than the other guys, but people will still stick to what they know and have used for years. This is why so many huge sites that treat users like shit (ebay, youtube, paypal, etc) are still the biggest sites around in their fields while other arguably better sites have no traffic. This is why you need an edge, a gimmick, something that makes you stand out from the other guys. Then you can at least get 'some' users visiting your site, and then maybe over time it'll grow as they invite friends and people catch wind and start checking it out.

If you want a SHORT answer from me it's this: get traffic to your site.

neeto @neet_one left a comment for InNeedOfAssistance
Feb 14, 16 at 4:09pm

What kind of anime website did you have in mind? Forum news dating streaming or something else? maybe all of the above?

In case I'd like to say that standard anime forums are a dime a dozen on the net, so I think it would be best to try and do something to spice it up and make it stand out. Giving it something unique that you can't find on many other sites would do it a lot of good.

Feb 14, 16 at 12:54pm

Ah well then ^___^ there's a lot you add to anime website one for sure being cosplay, how much anime has influenced it y'know c: