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25 year old Male
Last online about 1 hour ago
Coventry, United Kingdom
Did you see that Zach?! Clear as a crisp spring morning! "FK"... In the coffee!

Hello, my name is Jamie and I'm from the UK! I'm a straight anime and gaming fan, always have been and always will be. I like a ton of different anime and games but I like a lot of other things as well so you can feel free to talk to me about pretty much anything. If there's anything else you'd like to know about me, feel free to ask me. I'm very casual when it comes to anime but games, that's a whole different story!

I'm also an ENFP, you know, in case that's important to anyone - everybody puts it in their info so why not! But I go between super social to silent solitary seemingly on a weekly/monthly basis - so I never ignore messages from people, it just takes time for me to respond sometimes depending on how I'm feeling!

I'm here on MaiOtaku to find friends :D I'm also open to dating as well - I used to be iffy about it but I feel ready for it again and to be honest I'm a natural Romeo, if we click on that level then great but if not then I still love a good chat and nerding out over things o/

So personality stuff right? Well, I'm approachable, kind, caring, loyal, understanding, polite, patient, strong-willed, passionate, ambitious and a little bit crazy but aren't we all? I have a great sense of humour too :D That's the obligitory "how great I am" section done because I'm actually a total spanner! Of course I have my fair share flaws, nobody's perfect and that's okay!

I love to hang out with friends, talk to people, write, draw, watch films, play games (primarily on PC), watch Youtube, go swimming, work out a ton and of course, watch anime and read manga and several other things.

Oh and I talk a lot so don't be surprised if I type in paragraphs or even messages the size of the bible itself!

I recently started making Youtube videos of me playing dem vidya gaemz - it's purely for the fun of it and if you want to give them a watch then hey, be my guest:
I make a lot of really dumb, dirty jokes and am a total goon and also terrible at everything but I hope you enjoy if you decide to give my vids a bash! Hurray for shameless self promotion!

Also I'm a HUGE fan of Doom, Earth Defense Force and Dark Souls - they're my jam.

So yeah if you want to chat with me then feel free I don't bite! I honestly hate chatting in comments though, I definitely prefer DMs so feel free to add me and we can chat from there :D

Shiro-Chan is my awesome little sister - she's so wholesome so please be nice to her!