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And never fight when it's raining

Sep 07, 20 at 7:58pm

Travel to an Isekai, and don't be a NPC~




this gets me every time.


You bring up a good point about the voice acting standards in Japan; here in the US, voice actors in big animation movies are usually actors who already made it and are brought in for some star power.

However, I have noticed a lot of VAs are getting more popular, so hopefully people start to take voice acting more seriously in the future!


I prefer subs/Japanese audio (to no one's surprise probably), though yeah there are some subtitles that are generally really crappy or just try to be too rigid and go completely 1:1 when it comes to Japanese to English translation. Japanese is a language that really doesn't translate well at all to English all the time, so some liberties do need to be taken to make things sound natural. I've also seen occasions on crunchyroll and stuff where subs were just straight up wrong lol

That's why a lot of dubs just don't sound right most of the time, just bland scripts and direction for the voice actors since you do have some amazing dub's like Persona 4's dub, Cowboy Bebop, etc. It's just that not every anime can get the same level of localization as those series received.

Though more importantly, voice acting is just held to higher standards in Japan. A lot of the serious talent has always stuck around and continued to to take roles for anime, and there's always up and coming generations of seiyuu that are just as talented, if not even more talented than the previous generation. There's been some talent when it came to dub voice actors too but a lot of the heavy hitters basically ended up getting snatched up by hollywood and never looked back lmao. That being said though, not saying bad voice acting doesn't exist at all when it comes to subs, it's really rare but it's definitely there. :u



Jan 01, 21 at 10:24am

Hello there weebs and weeblets, nice to meet you. I don't have much to say, excpet that my favorite anime is Cory in the house, really captures Japanese culture well, a modern masterpiece I would say.