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. @night left a comment for HolyGoddess
Mar 09, 14 at 10:49am
A friendly hello to a fellow otaku. What anime do you like?
hey am new to this website but u seem like a cool women to get to know
Aug 16, 11 at 12:16am
You say you want FF7?
HELLO ppl as an ending note to this hole post, THIS site works! ScarecrowK and I found each other and life has been better for both of us so YES you can be anti-social and find love on a computer, and FYI or FAI-anyone hehe we are currently living together and married so in conclusion LOVE can always find away so... shut up miss vanityxaffair and good luck with your STDs or unplanned pregnancy XP
weee I have a bf now thanks to this site and he and I are trying to think of lots of cosplays we could go as for cons well we are going to go as an unlikely on in oct. for Motaku I well be Orihime and he is going to be Muramasa lol ya I know they are not a couple but I was originally going to go as Muramasa with my cousin who was and is still gong to be Rukia ...ya... idk just any one have any good ideas for what else we could cosplay as for a couple thing?