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Deutsch Medical

33 year old Female
Last online 2 months ago
Carrum Downs, Australia
Address : Unit 1/1 Lieber Grove, Carrum Downs VIC, Australia 3201

Phone No. : 1300 766 854

Deutsch Medical is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Radiation Personal Protection Equipment(PPE) in Australia. Their equipment and apparel help the medical staff and patients to prevent any harmful effects of scatter radiation in medical, nuclear, and defence industries. Their aprons are made of high-quality fabric which is anti-bacterial and stain-resistant. Other accessories include safety glasses, radiation protection gloves, scatter reducing pads, x-ray accessories, and storage solutions. Deutsch Medical is keen on educating their customers with honesty so that they can take the best care of themselves. They also offer a 1-year warranty on all their products with a free trial before purchasing their products.