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Last online 7 months ago
Breda, Netherlands
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Aug 29, 17 at 1:12pm

Yes, i know few Tales of series.

Aug 29, 17 at 11:42am

Hi and i so srry say late.
It nice to meet you.
That cat come from Tales of Xillia 2!

Aug 25, 17 at 2:05am

hi thank you for accepting me ^^

kagura666 @kagura666 left a comment for gametalesj
Jun 21, 17 at 1:42pm

sure, chatting is fine, but I don't really use skype ^_^' and I have no idea what discord is.... (how bad is that?) So I guess this place is the best, dutch or english is fine with me

kagura666 @kagura666 left a comment for gametalesj
Jun 02, 17 at 3:14am

Well I am very curious how Symphonia will work out if it's your favourite! In the game I just arrived at Tethe'alla's capital.
Yes the combat style is really nice in Xillia 2, the reason why I like it is the same.
I really liked Raven from Vesperia, just because he always seem to goof around but actually had a quite deep story behind him

kagura666 @kagura666 left a comment for gametalesj
Jun 01, 17 at 7:44am

well my favourite tales game... That is a difficult question to be honest.. xD I haven't played all of them, not the really old ones at least, except for symphonia and innocence that I'm playing at the moment. I really liked ToG, ToX2 and ToZ, but I can't pick a favourite -_-' I really liked graces since it was the first tales game I played, and I liked Xillia 2 and Zestiria due to the battle options and the story of course. What would be your favourite?

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