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Eyeless Lisa

19 year old Female
Last online about 9 hours ago
Yo I’m Eyeless Lisa and before you say anything about my nickname I choose it because I like the creepypasta Eyeless Jack so I got the Eyeless from him and and put my nickname and wham I got my name Eyeless Lisa.

Anyways message me if you want to get know me better also if I don’t respond is because I don’t get notifications in this website so tell me which apps y’all have and send me y’alls username and we text from there.

I like......
Watching anime,reading manga, Yaoi, sometimes hentai, drawing, bothering my siblings, making people laugh, dogs, cats, romance, scary things, ghosts and etc.

The way I act is tough and mean but when you get to know me I’m really sweet and gentle and get emotional really easily (*cough* Clannad *cough*) I am very shy. Yet I’m a daredevil in something’s. I have never dated anyone in my life so maybe I’ll find someone I can date here. I hope we can be friends or something more (*´꒳`*)

Also I try to use discord more so if you want my discord text me and I’ll send it and please don’t send nudes or try to force me into something I don’t like.