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Skelly @joemama711 left a comment for esha_garrett
Mar 04, 23 at 10:53pm
How goes life? I think we used to talk years ago?
Jan 06, 23 at 6:17pm
A fellow Virginian! We are a rare breed here, heh. Well if you don't count Lamby or Yaasshat or Ghost or... Well maybe it's not that rare on second thought, haha! So what brings you by my door? I see you're a regular on the site and have a love for cosplay too. I wouldn't be surprised to learn you've attended Nekocon in Hampton. Have you been going to Galaxycon in Richmond as well? All that said, I'll be glad to chat with you more anytime ya want!
esha_garrett @esha_garrett Hello there. It isn't as rare as we thought, it's nice there are a few of us from Virginia though. I was look to chat with a fellow anime and cosplay fan from my state. I haven't attended either one of those conventions, yet looking to possibly in the future though. I would be glad to chat more if you like.
Uncle Gabriel @gabriel_true Sounds lovely, heh. Did you have an opportunity to watch any recent shows? I've caught up on My Hero, JoJo's Bizarre, Spy X Family, Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun, Overlord, and Baki. I'm looking forward to season 2 of Vinland Saga next week!
esha_garrett @esha_garrett No I haven't been able to catch up on any shows. I work too much.
Uncle Gabriel @gabriel_true I can relate. My work schedule is 50-60 hours a week. I just barely get time to marathon something on my one day off, haha! Usually multitasking doing something else.
esha_garrett @esha_garrett Same here. Most of the time I end up relaxing on my day off.
Uncle Gabriel @gabriel_true What do you like to do for relaxation? Go out to any places for fun or stay home and read?
esha_garrett @esha_garrett Depends on my mood. I like to go out sometimes, stay home and read or play video games. What about you? I'm not on here too often. If you ant to chat you can add me know my other socials.
Skelly @joemama711 Good olev west virginia
dragoon18 @dragoon18 left a comment for esha_garrett
Dec 20, 20 at 8:52pm
Hi my name is dalton
Nov 14, 18 at 1:00pm
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