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elhaym left a comment for Elz
Jul 02, 19 at 4:40pm

Oh, that sounds like a strong hail if trees felt down :o
I got medication for my blood pressure before to keep it low - my doc was concerned that I could die because it was unhealthy high

elhaym left a comment for Elz
Jun 28, 19 at 1:32am

Here we have kinda the same. For few days it was fucking hot and now it's cooling down to 12°C.
I hope the hailing wasn't too strong :o Wish you all the blesses my dear. I got sick too the last time. Diabetes sucks x.x

space cadet left a comment for Elz
Jun 26, 19 at 7:28pm

Btw, I've finally made it to Pudding!!

elhaym left a comment for Elz
Jun 25, 19 at 11:37pm

Aww is it also hot on your side, too? Yesterday I melted by the hot weather. I hope you can find some rest *hugs*
Beside the weather, how's going on your side?

Jun 25, 19 at 1:25pm

Please I just want a decent sleep... I haven't gotten it in days and now I have fricking allergies and asthma. We still don't have power for 26hrs straight and I have to wake up 2 hrs later just to have an 8hrs of shift at work. Today's been a tough month and Idk how I can hold on any much longer

Baka Cheeto Just keep moving. I’ve had trouble sleeping last few nights. Anxious n stressed over life. Just keep trudging forward.
elhaym oh no :c I wish you all the best!
meisterman1985 Find tips, tricks, benefits, remedies and hacks on things in life. You can do it! Don't give up! Aim high into the stars!
Apr 15, 19 at 6:34am

They don’t know about the things we do
They don’t know about the "I love yous"
But I bet you if they only knew
They would just be jealous of us,
They don’t know about the up all nights
They don’t know I've waited all my life
Just to find a love that feels this right

elhaym left a comment for Elz
Apr 15, 19 at 5:22am

Likewise my dear ♥ I'm always happy to see you around here~ Taken by an alien bwahaha that's funny xD

I think your words has so much truth. Daaw I can so relate to "I'm just a wallflower here lol no one notices me, unless I do something wrong..." - no matter how you good you did, negative things always sticks. It's like the "strike system": Do three negative things and you are out.

Really? D: Fujoshi must be Fujoshi!! *runs through the wall* t-they cannot break the storyline! I don't like it if a character acting different then. Like the same with the male main of Danmachi - I didn't like the manga :c

Mhh, the trolls just came to me - I'm innocent, I swear! *drop* Sometimes, it's not easy just to ignore it if they left you a big picture with gore elements on it for example. I'm not afraid of any death threats, but I'm concerned for the others who was attacked by that mentally ill person. And I recognized something who was being attacked and who not (I smell something fishy).

That's the most important thing what counts in your relationship - that he likes you the way you are~ (ღˇᴗˇ)。o
A big butt? My my, I have some imaginations right now xD Thehehe, I would share something from my oppais if I could - I have enough to share \(◡̈ )/♥︎ Mmhhhhh~ next time, wear a push up bra on your butt and asked him if it fine now xD

My body is cursed - it feels like that. The weather looks very sunny outside and my neighbour wanted to help me to fix my bicycle that I can take my bike for some tours again. I'm really missing it to use my bike. On Wednesday I will have my first appointment for the big screen and it feels so far away.

Hehe, that's funny ( ´罒`*) I would definetely say that I'm out of the market, but not with whom we was talked about. Gnaa, that was another story with "him". At least, he and one of his super chick friends (I really don't like her) did slander about me that I would have cheated on him - Also, I don't understand why certain person doesn't go their own business and gossip instead. The things what I have heard by third persons was just dusgusting. As I say, just making drama and "spill the tea".

elhaym left a comment for Elz
Apr 13, 19 at 3:11am

Don't worry my dear - I'm always happy to read your messages ٩(๑> ₃ <)۶♥ y'know it happens to me as well~ ( ❛ ֊ ❛„)

Daaaw why doesn't they want to speak with you? You are so lovely to talk to~ but I really do know what you mean. It can be very depressing over time if you feel that way- did you tried to talk to your coworkers, like facing them? Maybe that is a little missunderstanding ⸜( ˙˘˙)⸝

Ahhhhh nooo I haven't read back Nadeshiko so far D: thanks for the reminder!! So much happened the last time while we haven't speak to each other. I must let put my cat to sleep in November 2018 because of his desease (he was going to die and his under legs was cold as fuck) and I stopped to go to the fitness center because I felt very sad to do anything what brings me joy - that was a really rough time for me to losing my cat who was like my own child. Then some slander was going on here on MO and all that jazz, a troll who seems extremely bored and mean to live they cranky thoughts out.. - just the normal drama day on this website (´・ω・`)

So don't feel bad if things doesn't work out that way what you're thinking about~ I also must continue to train again - especially my health seems not to be okay for some reason. The doctor was very concerned and gave me further appointments for a big screens, because my test results wasn't fine. Since a certain time, I feel extremely powerless and could sleep all day (even I sleep during the night).

I will let take progress pictures of me again - so I can see if I made a good progress or not ^-^

Tehee, I will never tell him about your little secret ( ・ω・)ノ☆・゚::゚ your boyfriend seems to comforting you, that's sweet ^-^

elhaym left a comment for Elz
Apr 11, 19 at 11:58pm

I'll write to you later - must heading up for work~

elhaym left a comment for Elz
Apr 11, 19 at 11:15pm

Take your time my dear <3