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Sep 23, 15 at 12:16am

My gallery now has fan art from my Vocaloid series. My fan art is not limited to Vocaloids, and hopefully I will be able to post more soon.

Sep 23, 15 at 12:10am

Aha! I found a suitable profile pic. Would you believe I have only a few others? Selfies are not my thing. This is moderately recent, and I'm there with my human owner too.


Wait, what?

Sep 21, 15 at 12:21am

So why does the silhouette look female? These are the types of things that keep me up at night. Naw just kiddin'.

Sep 21, 15 at 12:13am

I apologize if this profile is slow to build up. I'm experimenting with all of the features such as the gallery and the anime list. All in due time, I guess.

Sep 20, 15 at 11:54pm

Wow, I've never had to list what I've watched before (anime-wise). I keep thinking that it's not that much, but then... yeah there's a lot more to add. I guess I'll do that as I go along.

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