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Ritual Sacrifice

Likes: Females
Last online 2 days ago
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Apr 17, 19 at 12:09am

The worst day of my life happened yesterday and the past month has been a rollercoaster. I apologize for my lack of presence.

旅びと~ Sorry to hear that. I hope everything gets better!
Elgardiel left a comment for Ritual Sacrifice
Mar 31, 19 at 4:35pm

Kill stress using your inner weeb powers xD :D

...good luck with everything ;)

Mar 31, 19 at 3:44pm

The stress of these past 2 days has been... massive.

Trusting though....

Mar 29, 19 at 12:28pm

Hey apologies for my inactivity all. I have been very sick and busy. Feel free to message me and ill eventually get back to you.

Mar 22, 19 at 6:49am

Who makes sashimi and shoots guns at 4 in the morning ? This guy!

Mar 19, 19 at 12:15am

When I suddenly stop hearing from people without knowing why, my curiosity seems to become quite overwhelming. Hope everyone had a good week!

Anime Newbie Girl left a comment for Ritual Sacrifice
Mar 18, 19 at 10:37am

Thank you for the request^^

Mar 16, 19 at 4:38pm

Ugh glad that is over with and I'm home, stupid woman doing that to me again!

As I said I am perfectly fine, no need to worry I don't need medical attention or anything.

Mar 16, 19 at 4:15pm

I just got hit by a fucking car ! No injuries just sore. What is with this day today. Fuck!

Now arguing with this chick. At least its not boring am I right?

Mar 16, 19 at 1:51pm

Ugh my head is in a really bad space right now!

Hopefully the two people I want to talk to will be able to.

So plox forgive me if I don't reply right away guys!