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Last online about 1 year ago
Detroit, MI
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What’s up?

May 28, 19 at 6:26am

It's been a while, hope you are still working on your stories. They always got me interested ^^

Jake @vesalligr left a comment for datonegurlnamefox
Mar 20, 19 at 9:15pm

I make lots of characters, but to be played as rpg characters. Dnd, cyberpunk, deadlands, etc

Feb 26, 19 at 5:58am

Wow, that's a pretty cool pic. I think the pic might be emphasized more towards western mythology though. But still I enjoy it quite a bit lol. My favorite critters from there are the Fae, Amphithere and Hydra o.o. What kind of controversies will occur b/c of your comic, do you have some examples? Ah, yea I think it "is" your typing that makes me thing you're so young lol. Plus, not gonna say your username is bad, but it kind of reminds me of what a 16 y/o teenager would have, especially w/ the spelling of girl as "gurl" o.O... It'd be interesting if we ever collaborated on a short story, but I think our styles might be a bit different o.o lol. Oh also, if you're like 21, does that mean you're a college student?

Feb 24, 19 at 4:35pm

Legless dragons are called wyrms I believe lol. Sounds interesting though. And I'm glad you didn't add blood at the time, b/c that would have been kind of horrific for a 4 y/o child o.o lol. Sounds like it could be the concept of a horror film lol. As for the person, well I never got my money back b/c he always had an excuse and I didn't want to completely break out friendship, so I didn't want to fight him. All I did was ruin his name, and let ppl know to not lend him money. It's not much, but I guess that was the price of the lesson. To never lend people money, even if they're your good friend. Or at least keep the amount small, like a limit of $100, so you aren't to sad if he never pays you back.

Oh, I didn't realize you were of that age lol. Well if you're still around in April and I see your age change, I'll congratulate you on a your birthday lol. I am also more of a writer than an artist. I have a bit of drawing skills, but nothing too awesome. I prefer to sculpt more, but my fingers can fly if I write a story. Probably b/c I used to be such a big bookworm as a child ^^.

Feb 14, 19 at 11:02pm

I'm surprised your first story was so dark. I mean you were just a wee little 4 y/o kid at the time o.o lol. Buuut, dragons are indeed awesome! Good to see you moved on from your old pals. Man I had a friend like that once, and he used me as a wallet to pay for all his bullshit. I'm glad I got rid of him, but sad that I never got any of the money back. Ah wells, it's a life lesson. I've also wanted to ask if you were a highschooler or something. You sound pretty young ~_~... *cough cough*... but you have some interesting ideas and a nice sense of creativity. My creativity is kind of dead sadly T.T


XD haha thanks :3


thank you! but your a little late XD my bday feb 4 haha

Feb 05, 19 at 11:15pm

O.o... f-f-four?!!!! DANG that's nuts lol. I don't think I even knew how to write well at that time. It's probably got to be like ... well at least like 5000+ pages, since you've worked on it for so long o.o... That's too bad about your friend. Well at least there's still you two to continue on the adventure of your webcomic. Does this mean you're going to school for something like literature or art?

Feb 01, 19 at 10:37pm

Have you made any other stories, or is your webcomic the main thing you're concentrating on right now? I can see you as a rper or someone who collaborates w/ others on stories.