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21 year old Male
Last online 7 days ago
Is there a way to turn down the difficulty settings on this site?
No? alright then.

About me... well, first and foremost, you can find me on kik and discord, will be at the bottom.

I enjoy anime quite a bit, I've seen quite a handful of various genre and i haven't read a whole lot of manga. I've read no more than a small bunch such as a few Shonen Jump issues before they transitioned to electronic, and like maybe four volume books.
i enjoy gaming, ps4 and pc.
i have a few cats, love them to death.
also a marvel and dc nerd.
i enjoy writing small stories and novels as well as listening to various types of music, mostly in the rock genre. EX. Ghost, three days grace, three doors down, breaking ben, skillet, linkin park, nickleback, dio...

@Dark Wolf#1357