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Last online about 1 year ago
East Anglia , Norfolk, United Kingdom
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Don't really talk to alot of you peeps on my F-List but ima going AFK from the site due to IRL being busy and tbh life is more important atm but if anyone wants to converse im active on discord, my tag is @d3adly_v1p3r_#2979 . feel free to message me but i feel like its probably time to stop using this account as i dont think anyone really wants to talk which is understandable :P im not the most exicting person lol but if anyone wants to converse or w/e just pm me on discord and ill reply when im free, will keep my acc up so this status doesnt disappear but i dont think it'll matter lol.

nothing personal as i say just very busy irl and i think maybe it's better to let anyone know who wishes to chat im not ignoring u im just not gonna be active on here anymore because im not really a forum type of dude, which is why i avoid talking publicly as im just a quiet person :P

this also applys to anyone looking to talk to me who isnt on my friends list currently - just DM me or add me on xbox @d3adly v1p3r 15.

peace, will probs be back on before end of year.

emmachan @emmachan left a comment for d3adly_v1p3r_
Jun 13, 19 at 10:48pm

Oh, hi! ^^ I'm doing quite fine, thank you!

Also, sure! ^^

Lone8 @lone8 left a comment for d3adly_v1p3r_
Jun 13, 19 at 2:29pm

My pleasure, I hope we get along. Feel free to message me as well.

Jun 10, 19 at 5:57pm

I'm sure there's some one for you mate


When does the betrayal and pain end? Never most likely, such as life


Typical British fooking weather...


Lilly Loco - baby girl of the pack


Shyboi shiloh, the odd one out of the pack